the problem: push out
Once older students are enrolled in school they still struggle to complete their educations. They often have complex responsibilities and obligations and lack the traditional supports necessary to meet their educational goals. This, along with school environments not suited to their needs, tends to push students out of schools.
the solution: alternative paths to graduation
Flanbwayan offers older immigrant students creative responses to the challenges they face in their education, emotional and social lives. While college is an admirable and possible goal for NYC’s students, older immigrant and newcomer students need additional options such as vocational training, programs that provide college credits, GED exams in languages other than English. They also need extra-curricular that reflects their cultures and interests.
the problem: literacy AND english
Flanbwayan leads a coalition of community-based immigrant organizations to advocate for students who have not attended school prior to arriving to the United States. These older students need literacy as well as social and emotional supports. Educators must be trained and equipped to remove these barriers from their educational success.
the solution: schools ill-equipped for low-literacy ELLs
Schools are not designed to teach older students how to read and write. Yet, more and more students from Haiti and other parts of the world are arriving to New York City public schools never having attended school or having attended very poor quality schooling. These older students have a narrow window of time to be able to make the gains required to meet the graduation requirements.
the problem:  enrollment
When an eighteen year old who speaks little to no English arrives to NYC seeking an education, they are often placed in schools that do not meet their needs or told to find a GED program that is not designed to support English language development, is not age appropriate and will not provide the student with the chance to earn a high school diploma.
the solution:  better opportunities
Flanbwayan partners with NYC public schools to meet the learning needs of older newcomer students. This means training educators who are culturally aware; and fighting for more transfer schools, evening classes, shorter school days, and classes tailored to English Language Learners.